Get 50% Off Our Cosmic Ceramics Package

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Redeem at our Car Wash on W. Wendover Ave. in Greensboro.

What Else Do You Receive?

With your discount, you will also get to enjoy many of our other amenities like:

  • Free vacuums
  • Free air for tires
  • Mat wash
  • Carpet mat cleaner
  • Clean microfiber towel provided for use
  • Use of glass cleaner
  • Air pressure for detailing inside of car

Our Ceramic Wash Technology

5 Star Carwash is excited to introduce the latest in car wash technology, our Cosmic Ceramic Wash. Unlike traditional car wash techniques, our ceramic coating package implements a 3-step coating process to protect your car better, for longer. It’s similar to a durable sunscreen for your car!

Our ceramic application technology bonds our ceramic solution at a molecular level. This advancement in car protection helps keep UV from oxidizing, fading, or yellowing car paint. Not only can it protect your vehicle from the sun, but it also protects against:

  • Rain damage
  • Bird droppings
  • Bug damage
  • Tree Saps
  • Pollen
  • And much more

Lastly, and more importantly, our ceramic coating technology gives your car a deeper shine with exceptional gloss and color depth. Start repealing water and dirt and keep your car looking great with our Cosmic Ceramic package. Give your car the best clean you’ve ever seen.