When you use 5 Star Express Car Wash, you are receiving a wash with the latest and greatest technology to deliver the best possible wash every time. Creating a scratchless experience for our customers is one of our top concerns, which is why we have invested research and money into finding the best materials for cleaning your vehicles.

Our next-generation brushes are softer and more scratch-resistant than ever before. Our brushes are made of closed-cell neoprene foam material, which resists dirt and grime from clinging to the brush. After every revolution of our brushes, the dirty water is rinsed off to ensure dirt and grime from possibly scratching the car. This process also keeps that dirt from being passed along to the next vehicle.

Neoprene Car Wash Brushes

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber made from petroleum and is often used in wet suits. This material is shaped into many strips for our brushes and it exhibits a chemical stability that maintains its flexibility over a wide range of temperatures. This material is great for car wash brushes because of its impermeability, which creates a resistance to elements like water and dirt. This impermeability keeps our brushes from attracting dirt, which can scratch cars if it sticks to the brush. And since it resists water, it won’t gain any weight, which can also cause damage to cars. Many older carwash designs are prone to scratches/damage due to the cloth brushes they use. Our neoprene brushes won’t scratch, leave swirls, or scrub off wax. So, you can expect our brushes to act as a polishing agent instead of scrubbing off the wax and other protectants.

It is impossible for our neoprene brushes to scratch a vehicle. This goes for the soap, wax, and high-powered jet rinse/blow dryers we use as well. Our system is designed for the deepest clean while eliminating the possibilities of scratching your car. So, stop by today and try our car wash without any worry of damaging the paint on your vehicle! Learn more about our car wash technology.