At 5 Star, we use the latest technology to deliver a superior wash each and every time. Enjoy an out of this world experience that delivers a showroom shine. You will get more bang for your buck and spend less time waiting in line.

Ceramic Wash Technology

5 Star Carwash is excited to introduce the latest in car wash technology, our Cosmic Ceramic Wash. Unlike traditional car wash techniques, our ceramic coating package implements a 3-step coating process to protect your car better, for longer. It’s similar to a durable sunscreen for your car!

Our ceramic application technology bonds our ceramic solution at a molecular level. This advancement in car protection helps keep UV from oxidizing, fading, or yellowing car paint. Not only can it protect your vehicle from the sun, but it also protects against:

  • Rain damage
  • Bird droppings
  • Bug damage
  • Tree Saps
  • Pollen
  • And much more

Lastly, and more importantly, our ceramic coating technology gives your car a deeper shine with exceptional gloss and color depth. Start repealing water and dirt and keep your car looking great with our Cosmic Ceramic package. Give your car the best clean you’ve ever seen.

Fusion Wash Technology

We use the Fusion wash system to rid all the surfaces of your car from dirt and other contaminants and create a finish that will repel bugs, dirt and even water. Each step within the Fusion cleaning process has a specific purpose that works to create stellar results.

It all begins with a pH presoak and Fusion Bath that covers your car in a highly effective sheet of foam that goes to work loosening even the most stubborn dirt. From there, your car will go through a series of steps that are meant to ensure that the Fusion Seal, Wax and Rain Repel products are all applied and adhere properly. Once you emerge from the wash, your car will look like new.

With the right combination of high-tech equipment and products, we are able to offer fast and effective car wash services that will clean and protect your car.

LPR™ License Plate Recognition

Simplify Your Unlimited Plan with Sonny’s LPR™. Customers can access your wash quickly without the expense and hassle of RFID tags and can purchase a plan online or at the pay station.

ceramic wash

Conveyor Tracking Pad

We make it easy to drive right into the tunnel and you can let the conveyor take care of the rest. The process is easy! Simply place your car into neutral, take your hands off of the wheel and make sure your windshield wipers are off. Leave the rest to us!

Bug Prep Station 

Bust the grime with a bug prep scrub station for your convenience.

Free Vacuums

Stop by and take advantage of our free, high-powered vacuums that will make quick work of your dirty interior. The vacuum station is covered by a canopy, to protect you from the weather, so there is never a bad time to clean the inside of your car.

Visit 5 Star today to see for yourself why car lovers choose us to take care of their vehicles.